What to expect

When entering the program, a staff member will provide you with information about WHOS, the program and expectations. Also, you will be assigned a peer resident to support you at all times during your first days in the program.


You will be required to participate in the various groups, activities and meetings as per the program schedule.


WHOS offers a wide range of activities within the therapeutic model of care.  This includes group work, counselling support and education covering topics such as:


  • alcohol and other drug addiction education including drug overdose and relapse prevention
  • social and communication skills, assertiveness skills and self esteem building
  • community unity & peer feedback sessions
  • harm reduction including education on HIV/Hep C as well as CPR
  • skills based education (e.g. communications skills, conflict resolution & computer literacy)


Other activities:


  • participation in external recovery self help support networks
  • assistance with legal and welfare services
  • regular structured exercise (e.g. volleyball, offsite training sessions, swimming, walks)
  • wellness training (e.g. yoga, meditation and tai chi)


In addition there are a wide range of community based social gatherings and shared chores which help to build a sense of collaboration and support.

Preparations prior to admission

You will need:

  • centrelink benefit reference number (CRN). If new to Centrelink benefits, please bring 3 forms of ID
  • medicare card – if lost we can support you with contacting Medicare to obtain your details

What to bring with you

  • Photo ID
  • Medicare Card
  • Healthcare/Pension Card
  • Travel pass (‘opal’ or ‘go’ card)
  • Bank card & account details
  • Covid-19 vaccination certificate (if vaccinated)
  • Access to MyGov and password (if applicable)
  • Max. 1 suitcase plus 1 travel bag (there are facilities to permit weekly clothes washing)
  • Smart, casual wear – season appropriate
  • Swimwear
  • Closed toe shoes and thongs
  • Toiletries (non-alcohol-based mouthwash only)
  • Min. 3 days (max. 7 days) of medications in their original box with your name on the label
  • Any scripts
  • Protection orders (including ADVOs/APVOs)
  • Bail/reporting conditions
  • Child protection orders or case plans
  • Up to $65 personal spending money
  • Mobile phone (with charger)
  • Extra towel or own pillow (if needed)
  • Music player with earphones (so long as it cannot take photos or connect online)

What NOT to bring

  • Clothing that includes disrespectful images/texts (including around drug use)
  • Laptops/tablets, cameras or video players
  • Electrical equipment such as hair dryers or straighteners
  • Non-prescribed or unlabeled medications
  • Body building or herbal supplements or powders Prohibited items
  • Alcohol, illicit substances, or drug paraphernalia
  • Gambling materials
  • Weapons, knives or scissors
  • Nicotine vaping equipment (unless prescribed)
  • Aerosol cans or colognes/perfumes
  • Pornographic/ material
  • Gym equipment/fitness training items
  • Food or gum
  • Bicycles or vehicles
  • Valuable items such as jewellery

What we expect from you

  • a voluntary acknowledgement from you that you feel there is a need for change
  • detox arrangements will need to be made or negotiated with staff prior to admission
  • minimum age is 18 years
  • court/legal business needs to be deferred for the first six weeks of the program, we may be able to assist with deferment
  • you  agree to abide by the program rules and guidelines (no alcohol or other drugs , no violence, no stealing, no sexual activity with other residents)
  • if you have a special medical condition that needs medical services or supervision, please contact us to see whether we have the resources to meet your needs


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