New Beginnings


Funded by NSW Ministry of Health (SLHD), supported by Commonwealth Department of Health.


WHOS New Beginnings® is a drug free residential Therapeutic Community (TC) for women set in the tranquil and heritage grounds of inner Sydney. Its goal is to help women find freedom from alcohol and other drug dependence (AoD) and discover a better way of living.


The Therapeutic Community’s aims is to provide a safe and secure environment where women who suffer from alcohol and other drug dependence and its related problems can concentrate on their recovery.


The all female staff have a wide variety of skills and work together as a team.  We have a strong mix of staff with an impressive mix of orientations and life experiences.


New Beginnings  is a specifically tailored program and includes:

  • an ACT (acceptance, commitment therapy) based approach
  • trauma informed approach as many women have faced trauma in active addiction
  • parenting courses for clients who are also parents
  • engagement with family support, children visits including liaison with FaCS
  • in house WHOS family support workers


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New Beginnings offers a range of skills development programs specifically tailored to women and taught by women including:

  • addiction education including drug overdose and relapse prevention
  • Social and communication skills, assertiveness skills and self esteem building
  • Community unity & peer feedback sessions
  • Harm minimisation including education on HIV/Hep C as well as CPR
  • Sexual health
  • Skills based education (e.g. relationship skills, communications skills, conflict resolution)


Other activities:

  • Participation in external recovery based support networks
  • stress management and exercise
  • Body movement for women


In addition there are a wide range of community based social gatherings and shared job functions which help to build a sense of collaboration and support.



“I can’t believe how far I’ve come and I feel I deserve it because I’ve put the action in. This would not have been possible if I didn’t come to WHOS New Beginnings and I would most likely be dead. I am so grateful to this program and the people who have helped me along the way.”





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