About WHOS ®

WHOS provides therapeutic programs aimed at achieving recovery from alcohol and other drug dependence, incorporating harm reduction and co-existing mental health initiatives.



WHOS provides a range of evidenced-based therapeutic programs and projects targeting  individuals seeking a treatment goal of abstinence, opioid reduction or opioid stabilisation.


We provide:


  • residential therapeutic program known as therapeutic communities (TCs)
  • drug free programs and programs to achieve recovery while stabilising on Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST)
  • residential transitional supported housing and associated support services
  • day programs
  • infectious disease and harm reduction projects and initiatives


WHOS utilises the therapeutic community model of care for its therapeutic programs it also integrates other services such as:


  • supported transitional housing
  • pre-employment skills training
  • access to educational programs and services
  • access to specialist – medical, mental health and drug and alcohol services
  • access to the recovery movement such as community initiated self help meetings


Our  operations and mix of services have significantly expanded over the last 10 years. Currently, more than 2000 assessments are conducted annually and approximately 800 clients are admitted each year.


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