We Help Ourselves is a live-in therapeutic community, consisting on different programs:




The duration of the program is over 6-7 months divided into the stages below. However, clients may opt out for a number reasons, for example, if the treatment is completed, the client does not feel the need to continue or staff feel the program is not appropriate for the client.




The Therapeutic Community (TC) stage of the program is 90 to 120 days, where residents are encouraged to look at their issues associated with their substance dependence. They are provided with practical guidance to help improve their recovery together with  information to avoid or reduce harm from a potential future relapse. Progressing through program stages residents are given more responsibility and autonomy.


After the initial TC stage they enter the “Transition” stage, and are encouraged to “give back” to their peers in the TC community, by supporting the newer members and taking on higher responsibilities in the running of the program.


This is followed by an “Exit” stage, where residents explore future career options, take advantage of educational opportunities, and pursue employment and stable housing. Upon program completion, a resident should possess the tools and resources to continue their ongoing recovery beyond treatment.









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