Funded by Commonwealth Department of Health, supported by NSW Ministry of Health (SLHD).


WHOS OSTAR® (Opioid Substitution to Abstinence Residential) is a residential Therapeutic Community (TC) set in the tranquil and heritage grounds in inner Sydney. It’s goal is to assist reduction off methadone/other opioids while learning the skills necessary to live eventually drug free.


OSTAR® uses the Therapeutic Community model of care.


The Therapeutic Community’s aim is to provide a safe and secure environment where you can concentrate on your recovery to enable you to reduce off an opioid.


OSTAR provides:

  • dosing at our own clinic on site. Methadone/bup – no cost
  • safe and secure environment from other drugs of dependence
  • staffing 24 hours
  • voluntary 4- 6 month residential program
  • aftercare support
  • separate living accommodation for women and men
  • access to legal, welfare housing and employment services


Group work and individual counselling includes:

  • living, social & communication skills development
  • stress management program
  • leisure activities
  • self esteem building
  • HIV/HCV and other infectious disease education and support
  • Overdose and CPR groups
  • self help meetings, counselling etc.


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