Client Story – Sunshine Coast

Male Client Story:


My life before WHOS was like a revolving door of starting and stopping drinking and using drugs throughout my life constantly and forever relapsing.  Fourteen detoxes in the HADs unit with the staff there always telling me that I needed rehab, and I thought that I could do it on my own and my way.  But i tried everything, including anti-craving medications, counselling, psychologist appointments, will power, and usually all at the same time.  But I always failed, to the point where I ended up literally living in my own s­­­h__t, in a filthy little studio apartment with empty wine bottles and rotting food and garbage covering the floor.  My life was completely unmanageable to the point where I was even unable to shower myself for several weeks at a time.


I got extremely physically sick, as usual, and needed a hospital detox once again, so I went to HADs once again, and they let me detox there with the only condition that I organise to go to a rehab.  Whilst I was in detox I continually rang WHOS because of the brochures in the detox of rehabs, WHOS sounded the best.  So I came to WHOS and my life is starting to look positive, and I can see real opportunities in my life, and have a healthy, happy and alcohol and drug free life.

Female Client Story:


Before I arrived at WHOS this time, both times really, I was completely broken, physically, mentally, spiritually.  I had lost everything that you could possibly lose, including my marriage, my work, my connections with friends and family, a place to live.  Here at WHOS I have been challenged but I also feel as though i Have hope for the first time in a long time. That I can have a life that is clean and sober.  I believe I can have a rewarding career, that I can re-enter teaching here in Queensland and/or retrain to become an Alcohol & Other Drug Counsellor, or psychologist.  Each day is a new chance to have a second life.



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